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Volvik Vimat Red Golf Balls
Volvik Vimat Red Golf Balls
Volvik Vimat Red Golf Balls
Volvik Vimat Red Golf Balls

Volvik Vimat Red Golf Balls


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  • Product Description

These striking Volvik Vimat Red golf balls are easy to spot, even at a distance, and the super-soft feel makes them very satisyfing to play with.

When you order your Volvik Vimat golf balls from gimmeballs, you can add a custom design or message of your choice. Why not add a stylish monogram so that your balls are easy to identify? Or maybe an alignment aid to help you line up those game-winning putts?

Check out How to Personalise Your Golf Balls to learn more about ordering custom-printed balls from our website.


Volvik Vimat Red: Why Choose This Ball?

  • Extremely soft feel. The Volvik Vimat is a low-compression golf ball that offers great accuracy and a superbly soft feel. It's a great choice for golfers of all levels.
  • Less side spin. This golf ball has been specifically designed to reduce side spin, making slices and hooks less likely.
  • Durable ionomer cover. You'll get plenty of use out of your Volvik Vimat Red golf balls thanks to the resilient ionomer cover.
  • Patented dimple design. Volvik's patented 372 icosidodecahedron dimple pattern promotes stable ball flight, helping you to achieve greater consistency on the golf course.