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Blank Golf Balls


These golf balls are totally blank, with no branding or other markings to get in the way of your personalised design.

If you want to print your corporate logo on some golf balls to create the perfect promotional gift, choosing our unbranded balls will ensure that your company name stands out. The same is true if you're planning to decorate the balls with a treasured photo or personal message - use unbranded golf balls to put more emphasis on your unique design!

To customise and order your blank golf balls, please choose from the following products:

6 x Unbranded Blank Golf Balls (with Bag)
6 x Unbranded Blank Golf Balls (with Bag)
£9.00 / £1.50 Per Ball
Pack of 6
View & Customise
12 x Unbranded Blank Golf Balls (with Bag)
12 x Unbranded Blank Golf Balls (with Bag)
£16.00 / £1.33 Per Ball
Pack of 12
View & Customise

Why Choose Unbranded Golf Balls?

Most of the golf balls you can buy nowadays come with quite a few markings on the ball cover. Alongside the manufacturer's logo, you'll usually see a bunch of different numbers and, increasingly often, an alignment line to help with putting.

These markings have their uses, but if you're ordering personalised golf balls (whether as a heartfelt gift or as a promotional tool for your business) you may find that your custom design struggles to stand out. Our blank, non-branded golf balls are the perfect solution to this problem: because the golf ball cover is completely unmarked, all eyes will be drawn directly to your design.

If you have any questions about how to customise your blank golf balls, please don't hesitate to contact the gimmeballs team.

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