How to Find a Lost Golf Ball

How to Find a Lost Golf Ball

Golf balls are relatively inexpensive compared to other golf gear, and losing the odd ball every now and again is par for the course.

That said, if you're losing multiple golf balls every time you play, the cost of buying new balls can really start to add up! So it's worth retrieving those lost balls if you can – but with the long grass of the rough and the fact that most golf balls look more or less the same, how are you supposed to find yours?

Fortunately, there are things you can do to make the task easier. Here are 4 simple ways to increase your chances of finding a lost golf ball:


1) Mark your ball.

Adding a distinctive marker to your golf balls is a simple but effective way to boost their visibility and make them identifiable at a glance. Here at, we offer a golf ball personalisation service – so you can design your own unique balls that are easier to spot and won’t be mistaken for someone else’s.

Choose from several customisation options including a monogram, a photo, a logo, or just some text. You could even add a personalised alignment marker to help you line up your putts.

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2) Use high-visibility balls.

Your typical white golf ball offers pretty good visibility, but there are plenty of brighter and bolder options to help you track your golf ball as it flies through the air (and find it quicker if it lands in the rough).

There are so many different coloured balls on the market nowadays, but for optimal visibility, we recommend using yellow, orange or green balls. These colours are very clear to the human eye, which is why they’re also used on construction sites and roadworks to make workers and hazards more visible.

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3) Watch where your ball lands.

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to become distracted on the golf course – for example, by discussing your shot with your fellow golfers or turning away out of frustration over a bad shot.

But it’s important to stay focused and keep track of your ball until it lands. Making a mental note of where your ball has landed will make it easier to find the right area to search in.

To help you remember, look out for distinguishing features near where the ball has landed. Then head towards those!


4) Bring a golf ball retriever.

Lots of golfing blogs will encourage you to fork out on expensive equipment like balls with microchips embedded in them. But we say playing golf is already expensive enough!

Instead, we recommend a much more reasonably-priced gadget: a golf ball retriever. This handy tool can be purchased for as little as £10 and you’ll have it for life.

A golf ball retriever is simply a long pole with either a scoop or a claw at the end that you can use to help get golf balls out of hard-to-reach places such as bushes, mud, long grass, etc. Simply store it in your golf bag so you have it on hand whenever you need it.


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