12 Golfer Gift Ideas: Golf Christmas Presents 2023

12 Golfer Gift Ideas: Golf Christmas Presents 2023

best gifts for golfers

Christmas is fast-approaching – have you secured a gift for the golf-lover in your life? If you’re still on the hunt for perfect present for the golfer who has everything, don’t fret, we’ve compiled this list of great golf gifts for Christmas.


The great thing about golfers is they can never have too much stuff. Fanatics of the sport will never turn down an extra box of balls or a new cap. This makes shopping for them pretty easier. But, if you're stuck for what to get the golf lover in your life, check out our top golfer gift ideas. Whatever your budget and whoever you're shopping for, we've got something for everyone.


Gifts for Golfers


1. Golf balls

gimmeballs golf balls - best gifts for golfers

Golf balls are an obvious but underrated gift for golfers. Why not stock up on their favourite balls or treat them to a premium option they wouldn’t buy for themselves? It may be more fun to get them a novelty item such as a graphic mug or a pair of golf-themed socks, but golf is an expensive sport – get them something they can actually use!

We stock a brilliant range of golf balls from top brands like TaylorMade, Srixon and Titleist. Our prices are also very competitive, ranging from budget options to premium balls.

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2. Personalised golf balls


personalised golf balls - best golfer gift ideas

If you’re looking for golfer gift ideas with a more personal touch, all of our balls are customisable to suit any occasion.

We offer eight different personalisation options, including monogram, photo, logo and special occasion – all of which make great golf gifts! You could customise the text to wish someone a “Happy Birthday” or upload a funny photo.

Personalised golf balls make great gifts, especially if the golfer you’re buying for already has all the gear! A custom ball design is a totally unique and thoughtful alternative to a novelty item like a graphic mug or a pair of socks.

Not sure what design to choose? Here are some fun ideas to get you started:


Create a festive Christmas design

 festive golf ball


Add a funny image

 funny face golf ball


Write a lovely message

 merry christmas golf ball


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3. Golf Accessories: Marker Cap

srixon branded golf cap

Golf accessories make great gifts for golfers, why not treat a loved one to a brand-new golf cap? Caps are a staple on the golf course. They’re ideal for keeping the sun out of your eyes and protecting your head from UV rays. They also look great. If you’re feeling particularly generous, why not treat a loved one to our Srixon marker cap gift sets? From just £35.99 you can treat the golf lover in your life to a new pack of Srixon golf balls and a Srixon branded cap that comes with a magnetic ball marker on the brim.

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4. Golf Accessories: Gloves

golfer gift ideas - gloves

Golf gloves are a great gift for all golfers! Not only do they provide the user with a better grip throughout their swing, but they also protect their hands from blisters and callouses that can come with repeated swings over many games.



5. Golf Gear: Stand Bag

srixon golf stand bag

If you’re happy to spend a little more, our Srixon golf bag bundles make fantastic golf gifts. Starting from £285 (down from £360), you can gift someone a brand-new golf bag, a branded towel, 3 club head covers and a 12-pack of Srixon balls. This could make a fantastic starter set for a beginner golfer, or a generous gift for someone looking to revamp their gear.

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 6. Golf Ball Washer

present ideas for golfers - ball washer

Most golf courses will have on-site ball washers but there's often just one available so queueing to use it can ruin the flow of the game. Fortunately, you can purchase mobile balls cleaners that clip right onto a golf bag. These make for thoughtful but practical gifts for golfers. You could also gift them a small towel for them to dry off the golf balls.



7. Golf Polo Shirt

golfer gift ideas - polo shirt

Polo shirts are a golfing staple. Their comfortable, breathable design makes them ideal for wearing during long periods of moderate exercise on the course. They're also totally unisex so anyone can wear them. Why not treat the golfer in your life to a nice new polo shirt? Whether you're shopping for your sister, grandmother, brother - whoever - it's a great present idea for golfers.



8. Alignment Balls

present ideas for golfers - alignment balls

Give the gift of better putting with our personalised alignment balls here at gimmeballs. Alignment markers are simple tools that make putting a lot easier because the alignment line helps to keep your putter face square. Choose any ball from our extensive selection then add one of our fashionable alignment styles.

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9. Golf Club Head Covers 

golfer gift ideas - golf gloves

Golf club head covers are a practical but fun present idea for golfers. They protect golf clubs from damage when being transported in a golf bag from hole to hole.

You can purchase sleek branded designs, like these Srixon covers, or go for a silly option like a fluffy animal or funny character.



10. Golf Ball Variety Packs

A golfer can never have too many balls! If you’re buying a Christmas gift for a golfer but have a limited understanding of golf gear, you can’t go wrong with one of our golf ball variety packs. Here are some of our bestselling variety packs:

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11. Golf Gift Sets


If you’ve got a little more cash to splash, we stock a range of luxury golf gift sets that make fantastic golf Christmas presents.

All our gift sets come with golf balls from top manufacturers like Srixon and PXG, as well as premium golf gear, including caps, ball markers and golf bags. Here are some of our most-loved golf gift sets:

All of the balls included in our golf gift sets can be personalised with a photo or message to make them totally unique and even more special.

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12. Golf Ball Subscription

gimmeballs subscription

Does the golf lover in your life have a favourite ball that they would never play without? Get them the gift of a monthly subscription so they never run out! Each month, we’ll deliver their much-loved balls directly to their door. When you subscribe, you’ll save 10% plus FREE delivery, and you can cancel at any time.

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And there we have it, 12 fantastic golf Christmas presents! We hope our golfer gift ideas have got you feeling inspired and ready to select the perfect gift for the golfer in your life. Whether you go for customised golf balls, a golf ball subscription, or some swanky new golf gear, your golf-lover is sure to love your gift.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of golf gear and you require any assistance before purchasing one of our golfing gifts, get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.

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If it’s cheap golf gifts you’re after, check out our budget gift options under £20, under £10 and under £5. We also offer a range of excellent golf stocking fillers