How Not to Lose Golf Balls

How Not to Lose Golf Balls

How not to lose a golf ball - gloved hand picking up golf ball

Statistics show the average golfer loses three to four golf balls per round. That means over 400 million lost golf balls per year! If you want to know how to prevent lost golf balls, whether you've got a lucky ball that you want to keep, or a special personalised golf ball from gimmeballs, then we've got the guide for you.

Keep reading to find out how not to lose your golf balls!


Keep your eye on the ball

The simple solutions are often the best. Concentrate during every shot and keep your eye on the ball until it lands! Even if the shot goes wrong, keep an eye on the ball while it's in flight. Any sort of distraction can be enough for you to lose sight of the ball completely - which then leads to losing the ball.

Wearing sunglasses and a cap will keep the sun out of your eyes, making it easier to track the ball in flight.


Ask someone else to watch the ball

If many hands make light work, then having more than one set of eyes on the ball will help ensure you don't lose it. Ask someone who you're playing with to watch the ball for you. Chances are, they're going to be watching your shot closely anyway, so they shouldn't have an issue following the ball's trajectory. 

If you are playing on a hill, or in a spot where the hole is not easily visible, asking someone to watch the ball for you might be your only chance of not losing it! This is why it pays to play with a partner, friend, colleague or stranger. 


Choose brightly-coloured golf balls

One of the best ways you can avoid losing your golf balls is by choosing a colour or design that will really pop on the golf course. Even some of the pros use brightly-coloured golf balls these days. Bright colours like pink, orange and yellow will contrast against the green of the grass, making your golf ball much more visible - even from a distance. Better yet, if you customise your golf balls with a unique photo or logo, you can be 100% sure which golf balls are yours when you come across them on the course.

Make sure the colour of your ball is appropriate for when you're playing: bright orange balls might get lost amongst autumn leaves, blue balls won't be visible against a clear summer sky, and white balls will vanish into snow.


Lay up the ball

You may have heard this phrase in golf commentary. But what is laying up the ball, we hear you ask? Laying up the ball is a technique that golfers use when there's a particularly difficult shot to play, but it can also be a great way to make sure you don't lose your golf ball. 

It involves aiming for a place that avoids the hazard in front of you. Potential hazards or obstacles, in which you could easily lose plenty of golf balls, include bunkers, lakes and shrubbed areas.

Hitting your ball towards these obstacles could easily lead to a lost golf ball, so make sure you choose your shot wisely.


Find a point of reference

When you've got a good idea of where the ball has landed, you should choose a point of reference. Look for some kind of landmark or noticeable feature, for example; a tree, a post, or a change in the grass so that you don't lose sight of the ball as you approach it. Once you have a point of reference to aim for, you'll have a much better chance of finding your golf ball the first time around.


Approach from different angles

Even if you keep a close eye on your golf ball and have a good point of reference to work with, you might still struggle to find your ball on the first attempt. To improve your chances of finding your golf ball, you should approach it from different angles. You might not see it when you first look head-on, but if you come at it from the left or right side, your golf ball might just catch your eye. Be patient and keep looking!


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