Why Do Some Golfers Use Yellow Balls?

Why Do Some Golfers Use Yellow Balls?


Golf balls are usually white, but as you may be aware, bright yellow golf balls have been growing more popular in recent years. Yellow balls have even seen play in the majors!

So is this purely an aesthetic choice? Or are there other reasons why so many golfers are playing yellow balls these days?


Hi-Vis Golf Balls

The main benefit of yellow golf balls is their increased visibility. The brighter the colour of the ball, the easier it is to see, and to track across the green.

Yellow is a bright colour – one of the clearest to the human eye – and so yellow golf balls are very easy to track while in flight. Yellow stands out prominently against both the green of the golf course and the blue (or grey, as the case may be) of the sky.

It will also stand out in the winter months when there may be snow or frost on the course. In the snow, a poorly-struck white ball is as good as lost! A yellow ball is much more noticeable, and so it’s less likely to get lost permanently. Even in a sandy bunker, a yellow ball is still easy to spot!

Do Pros Use Yellow Golf Balls?

Yes. Brian Cairns, a pro player since 1988, uses yellow golf balls. Fred Couples, an older pro, used a yellow golf ball to shoot one of the best rounds of his career in October 2022. And Paul Lawrie used a yellow ball when he hit the first shot of the 150th Open at St Andrews last year.

If the pros do it, there’s nothing to stop you from playing a yellow golf ball too.


Do Yellow Golf Balls Improve Performance?

Like the colour of a car, the colour of your golf ball doesn’t make any difference to its actual performance. However, being able to more easily track your golf ball in mid-air could give you a mental advantage, helping you feel confident enough to put a bit of extra distance on your shots.

Also, if you’re getting into golf during retirement, yellow may be the way to go. The increased visibility of a yellow golf ball makes it a good choice for older players whose eyesight may not be what it once was.


If you want to try out a few different colours the next time you’re on the golf course, try the Colourful Golf Ball Variety Pack from gimmeballs. This set includes four different balls in four different colours, so you can test them all and find out what colour suits you best!


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