Best Budget Golf Balls 2023

Best Budget Golf Balls 2023

Best budget golf balls

Golf can be an expensive sport, which can be a real problem for avid golfers on a tight budget. Fortunately, here at gimmeballs, we have a great range of cheap golf balls available to suit all budgets.

To make things even easier for you, we’ve compiled this list of the best budget golf balls available on our website. You’ll be pleased to know there's no minimum order value, so you can purchase as many or as few balls as you need.

NOTE: All prices listed below are correct at time of writing.


Best Budget Golf Balls 2023

  1. X1Bird Golf Balls
  2. Wilson Titanium White Golf Balls
  3. Spalding Feel Golf Balls
  4. Srixon Tour Special SF Golf Balls
  5. Volvik Power Soft – Yellow Golf Balls


X1Bird Golf Balls

x1 bird golf balls

Let’s start off strong with our very own X1Bird Golf Balls. We compiled our knowledge and expertise to design these two-piece Surlyn golf balls to perform on par with the leading brands on the market. At just £1.33 per ball, you can’t go wrong!

X1Bird Golf Ball key features:

  • Compression: 90-93
  • Hardness: 83
  • Surface Dimples: 332
  • Weight: 45-46g
  • Core Material: rebound rubber
  • Cover: Dupont Surlyn

We also offer free personalisation with these balls, so don't forget to customise them. Ideal for marking your balls or as a unique golf gift!

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Wilson Titanium White Golf Balls

wilson titanium golf balls

This powerful ball features a titanium core, giving you maximum energy transfer, resulting in less spin and more distance.

The reduced spin and two-piece construction makes this ball a great choice for players with a higher handicap. That being said, at the incredibly low price of £1 per ball, they’re a bargain for amateur players and more experienced golfers alike.

Wilson Titanium Golf Ball key features:

  • High performance
  • 2-piece ball construction
  • Titanium core for maximum energy transfer
  • Sturdy Surlyn cover
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Maximum initial velocity for maximum distance

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Spalding Feel Golf Ball

spalding golf balls

The Spalding Feel balls provide excellent short game spin. The soft Surlyn cover provides a super soft feel, aiding excellent ball control and consistency in the air. And they cost just £1.20 per ball!

Spalding Feel Golf Balls key features:

  • 2-Piece construction
  • Low 60 compression
  • 352-Dimple design for improved launch
  • Abrasion resistant

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Srixon Tour Special SF Golf Balls

tour special golf balls

These Srixon Tour Special balls offer the perfect combination of control and distance. These soft feel balls feature a soft outer layer making them ideal for rolling across the green when putting. The hard inner core also makes them travel further from full shots. A brilliant ball for golfers at all levels, costing only £1.07 per ball.

Tour Special SF Golf Balls key features:

  • 2-Piece construction
  • Aerodynamically optimised to cut through the air
  • Soft outer cover for control
  • Hard inner core for distance

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Volvik Power Soft – Yellow Golf Balls

volvik yellow golf balls

If you’re looking for a ball to help with visibility, we also have plenty of cheap coloured options! We love the Volvik Power Soft golf balls in yellow. Costing £1.67 per ball, these highly visible balls are worth every penny.

You don’t have to compromise on performance either. These balls combine a soft feel with unrivalled power, helping you achieve a straighter shot than ever! A super soft ionomer cover means they also provide incredible greenside control.

Volvik Power Soft – Yellow Golf Balls key features:

  • Oversized core of for explosive ball speed
  • Soft feel for better ball control
  • Vivid yellow colour for high visibility
  • Outstanding driver performance
  • Mid-high launch angle

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Cheap golf ball personalisation

As we’ve already mentioned above, some of our balls come with FREE personalisation, so you can keep the cost of your balls low. Look out for the phrase ‘FREE PERSONALISATION’ as you browse the site.

A tighter budget doesn’t have to affect your game, since even our lowest-priced balls are sourced from top brands like Wilson, Srixon and Spalding. So, you can buy budget balls with confidence at gimmeballs! If you have any questions regarding personalisation or costs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the gimmeballs team today.